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1 hr 30 min

After purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to book a time that suits you.


Forge a foundation for powerful growth so you can BE and ATTRACT the partner of your dreams and  live the life you've always desired.

  • This is a hardcore session to go DEEP and identify your relationship and life blocks

  • 90 Minute Recorded Call

  • Working to BREAK THROUGH these blocks using coaching, somatic embodiment, and neuro-science backed tools

  • Creating a comprehensive plan of actionable steps to continue your momentum forward 

  • Giving you a blueprint for how to integrate the depth of this session into your day to day

    This is for you if;

  • You want to dive right into the deep end of this work

  • If the change you need in your life feels like it is life or death

  • If you are ready to show up in full truth and courage, hiding nothing from yourself or me

  • You have tried everything else and nothing has worked

  • You want to experience my coaching container 

  • You are FULLY committed to your greater healing and growth

    I will show up with everything I have, you will have the greatest call of your life as long as you come ready for it too.

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