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Get the blueprint to building long lasting and fulfilling relationships.

✔ Uncover unhealthy patterns and empower yourself to be able to cultivate better ways of being.

✔ Discover your boundaries and non-negotiables & learn how to compassionately set and enforce them.

✔ Understand how to effectively show up for yourself and your partner during conflict.

✔ Learn how You can create the foundation for a supportive and expansive relationship.

I help YOU Take POWER of your
Relationships and Lifestyle

This work starts with the most important component...

Vulnerability with Yourself.

How vulnerable can you really be when you look in the mirror?

-Have you gotten clear on what you want in your life?

-Where are you deeply dissatisfied?

-Where are you not showing up for yourself?

-Where are you giving away your power?

When we begin here, it opens the doorway of healing and reclaiming our power. There is no greater relationship we get the honor to work with than ourselves.

Form Powerful aligned relationships.

 By becoming more conscious of our patterns and reactions, we can begin to change our reality, opening the door of opportunity for new people and experiences to enter our lives.

 When we step into this growth, we begin to attract beautiful relationships that match our new energy.

Are you ready to attract the friendships, partnerships and business opportunities that you so deeply desire?

Integrate and embody your 
New Growth.

 Understanding our patterning and behaviors is only half of the work.

 Intellectualizing something DOESN’T mean we have the tools or support to actually embody those lessons.

 Believe me, I’ve been that man. Intellectualizing every problem in my life understanding it deeply, yet, still getting frozen, frustrated and falling back into old patterns time and time again.

 We will create a foundation of generative habits and daily rituals that is NECESSARY to take care of our nervous system while we create powerful long lasting change.

 Do you want to reach your goals while creating a foundation of inner practices that will support you for the rest of your life?

Here's what people have to say.

Matt L_edited.jpg

Matt L.

“I must say that I’ve never felt so held, supported, guided in such a powerful, loving and compassionate way.

He has a natural ability to create a safe space for me to be my most vulnerable self and knows exactly what to say and what to ask to help me have clarity in my experience and find healing."

Christophe B. Testimonial photo.jpg

Christophe B.

“Florjan touches every aspect of being in relationship in a very insightful way. He has shifted my perspective and opened up a new dimension in the way I look at partnership.

I'm excited to put into practice what I learned when sharing that vulnerable space with someone."

Jon S. Testimonial Photo.jpg

Jon s.

"Florjan's somatic approach to becoming the best version of yourself has taught me so much and my life has improved drastically in the areas of physicality, mental health and overall life optimization.

His coaching technique is exactly what I needed in my life, his somatic and grounded approach to breaking old patterns has had a profound effect on me."

Get to know me.

My mission is to make happiness absolutely INESCAPABLE.

This means we are working on your relationships, lifestyle, fears, purpose and career so that HAPPINESS becomes the only possible outcome!

That is it.

And I will be here in your corner giving you my ALL because I wholeheartedly believe that my reason for being is to help people connect to themselves and their relationships. This is how I can help create a happier healthier world.

I am glad to be of service.

Supercharge your life and relationships with a Breakthrough Session.

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